Ponte Sisto, the bridge over the river Tiber consisting of four arches covered in travertine marble. The construction of the occurred between 1473 and 1479, commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, after whom it is named.
The Sisto bridge, build in the 15th century reusing the foundations of a prior Roman bridge. Ponte Gianicolense connects the popular Campo de' Fiori and via Giulia areas with Trastevere across the Tevere river.
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Sisto bridge in Rome

Rome. Ponte Sisto, the 15th century bridge that connects the neighborhoods Trastevere and Regola over the River Tiber.
Photo taken date: September 2017
Author: Cristian Atudoroae (©)
Gear: Nikon D7200 + Nikkor 24mm 1.4G