Casa Catargiu, located on Lapusneanu street in Iassy. The balcony of the Museum of the Union building, the former residence of the prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in the capital of Moldavia.
The statues representing Atlanteans that decorate the palace's balcony hosting the Union Museum in the city of Iasi. Catargiu House, one of the most important buildings on Lapusneanu street, built in the early 19th century.
Romania Moldavia Iaşi Photo 42

Catargiu House in Iassy

Iaşi. The façade decorated with the Atlanteans of the neoclassical palace that houses the Union Museum.
Photo taken date: April 2017
Author: Cristian Atudoroae (©)
Gear: Nikon D7200 + Nikkor 85 mm F/1.4 G