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 Photo Arch Santa María monuments Burgos old medieval gates Spain
 Image facade gate Santa María bridge Photographs gothic monuments Burgos

Santa Maria Arch

The main facade of the most important gate of the medieval walls of Burgos.
 Burgos Town Hall building neoclassical style architecture González Lara
 Photo Consistorial House Burgos buildings Plaza Mayor

The Town Hall

The neoclassical facade of the Consistorial House (18th century), the most notable building in the Plaza Mayor of Burgos.
 Photo bell towers Cathedral Church Metropolitan Basilica Santa María Burgos Information gothic cathedrals Spain
 two towers pinnacles facade Santa María Photo Burgos Cathedral

Main facade of the cathedral

The rose window and the two towers that dominate the Santa Maria facade of the Cathedral of Burgos.
 Photo sculptural ensemble top Sarmental facade Photographs sculptures Cathedral Burgos
 Travel photos Burgos Architectural Gothic Cathedral Images

The front of the facade of Sarmental

The religious sculptural group that forms the upper part of the facade of the cathedral that overlooks the square of King San Fernando.
 Photograph Sacramental Door Cathedral Burgos best gothic sculptural groups Spain
 Image photo door Rey San Fernando Square old town Burgos pictures

The Sarmental Door

The portal of the cathedral of Burgos known as the door of Sarmental.
 Picture old square San Pablo center Burgos Travel Photos
 Photo equestrian statue Cid González Quesada Pictures Burgos Spain

The Mio Cid Square

The central square dominated by the equestrian statue of El Cid.
 Photography Square San Juan historic center Burgos image
 southern door Church San Lesmes Abad best photos gothic temples Burgos

San Lesmes Church

The south portal of the gothic church of San Lesmes Abad.
 Photo square entrance monastery Cartuja Miraflores outskirts Burgos Tourism pictures
 door Charterhouse Santa María Miraflores Photos monasteries Burgos

Miraflores Charterhouse

The entrance of the Cartuja de Santa Maria de Miraflores, the monastery located three kilometers away from the center of the city of Burgos.
 sepulcher King Juan II Castile Queen Isabel Portugal church  Carthusian monastery Burgos
 Photos main altarpiece Cartuja Miraflores Monastery Picture album Burgos

The altarpiece of Miraflores Charterhouse

One of the royal sepulchers and the main altarpiece of the Carthusian Miraflores monastery of the.
 facade building General Captaincy Burgos Discover most interesting monuments Burgos capital
 Photo headquarters Military Command Photography Burgos travel pictures

Capitanía General Palace

The palace of the general military headquarters in Burgos.
 Huerto Rey street Square Flora Monumental squares Burgos images
 Photo square King's Garden downtown Burgos pictures

Huerto del Rey Square

The Huerto del Rey Square, presided by the fountain of the goddess Flora, built in the 18th century.
 Picture main facade church San Esteban notable Gothic buildings  Burgos photos
 monumental façade church Saint Stephen 13th century Burgos photo gallery

San Esteban Church

The tympanum of the main portal and the rose window of the church of Saint Stephen.
 Photo viewpoint castle Burgos View cathedral Spanish town pictures
 Tourist photographs cathedral Burgos seen castle photo gallery

Burgos Cathedral

The Cathedral of Burgos seen from the Castle Viewpoint.
 Photo bell gable church neighborhood San Pedro Fuente Burgos images
 Photo storks Saint Peter Fountain church bell-gable Burgos Pictures

San Pedro de la Fuente Church

The bell-gable of the church of Saint Peter of the Fountain.
 Photo Cistercian monastery Santa María Real Huelgas town Burgos photos
 Photos main monasteries Burgos fortified monastic complex Monastery Huelgas

Las Huelgas Monastery

The Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas.
 Photo tower battlements fortified monastery Burgos image gallery
 Photographs architectural heritage Burgos Royal Monastery Las Huelgas

The tower of Las Huelgas Monastery

The fortifications of the monastery of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas.
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