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Photos of the natural park of Peñón de Ifach

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 photo port Calpe Alicante Penyal Ifac limestone
 pictures beaches Calp travel image Peñón Ifach nature park

View of the rock

General view of the Penyal d'Ifac limestone, one of the symbols of the Costa Blanca.
 picture La Fossa beach Calpe photos large rock Penyal Ifac
 image Cala Fossa Ifac rock tourist pictures

The Fossa Beach and the Rock of Ifac

 photo spectacular tunnel crosses Peñón Ifach rock pictures symbols Costa Blanca
 photo tunnel crosses Ifac rock built access north face

The tunnel

The spectacular tunnel excavated in rock that allows access to the north face of the park.
 travel image spectacular tourist trail allows viewpoints photos Rock Ifach
 picture hiking route allows reach summit photographs Penyal Ifac Alicante

The narrow path that leads to the summit

 photo northern slope Penyal d'Ifac natural park
 photograph Aleppo pines rocky monolith Ifach Rock Spain

The northern slope

 pictures Penyal d'Ifac overpopulation seagulls Costa Blanca wildlife photography
 two yellow-legged seagulls typical image Peñón Ifach natural park

The seagulls paradise

Two of the hundreds of yellow-legged seagulls that nest in the Penyal Ifac Natural Park.
 picture path leads Carabineros viewpoint northern side Peñón Ifach rock
 photo hiking route west side Penyal Ifac Nature Park Spain

The route to the viewpoint of the Carabineros

 panoramic view Penyal de Ifac images smallest natural park Valencian Community
 Sierra Helada natural park view Carabineros Viewpoint photos taken from Peñón Ifach

Sierra Helada seen from the Carabineros viewpoint

 picture Point Carallot seen viewpoint Carabineros Costa Blanca landscape photography.
 image extreme point Rock Ifach Carabineros viewpoint photos natural parks Alicante

The Carallot Point

 view towards top Peñón Ifach rocky wall leads summit
 photo gallery Penyal d'Iafc pictures highest part smallest natural park Spain

View towards the summit

 photograph trig point top Peñón Ifach altitude Penyal Ifac Rock
 pictures top immense rock called Penyal d'Ifac Pictures landscapes Alicante Coast

The triangulation station located at the top

 photo port Calpe top Peñón Ifach limestone
 picture seagull calmly observes town Calpe above panoramic pictures

A seagull on the top of the Ifac Rock

 photo town Calp seen highest point Peñón Ifach rock
 view Calpe taken top Penyal Ifac photo natural park Costa Blanca

Calpe / Calp

 aerial view beachLa Fossa photos taken Rock Ifac
 picture beach Calpe seen Peñón Ifach

The Fossa Beach seen from the Rock

 photo tourist path climbs Peñón de Ifach pictures
 photograph tourists hiking route Penyal Ifac pictures

The pathway

 photo impressive rock Ifach  beaches Calpe
 image Arenal Bol beach Peñón Ifach natural park province Alicante

The Rock seen from the Arenal-Bol beach

Photo taken date: January 2019
Cameras: Olympus O-MD E-M1 Mark II, Olympus O-MD E-M5 Mark II
Lenses: Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14mm f2.8 PRO, Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 PRO, Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 PRO
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