Events Romania Moldavia Botoşani Festival of winter customs and traditions

Parade of Christmas season customs - Botoşani 2019

Moldavian customs and customs.
Parade of the festival of customs and traditional habits from Botosani.
Mask bands participating in the parade of the Winter Customs and Traditions Festival.
 Festival of winter customs From ancestors of good people.
Lots of greeters who participated in the festival of customs and traditions of the new year.
New Year's customs and traditions festival.
The game of small horses, played by members of the ensemble from Talpa. Romanian winter holidays traditions parade.
The Căiuți dance performed by the ensemble from Talpa, Cândești village (Botosani county). Romanian New Year traditions.
Photo of the masked group from Păuneşti, (Vrancea). Parade of guest bands at the Botoșani Winter Customs and Traditions Festival.
Festival of traditions and customs of the New Year.
Popular winter holiday customs in Moldova.
Masked group with big bells.
Christmas traditions and customs in the Moldavian area.
The folk festival of customs and winter traditions from Botosani.
One of the masks of Păuneşti (Vrancea). Parade of winter customs and habits 2019.
Mask from Păuneşti (Vrancea). Parade of masked groups.
The parade of winter customs and traditions.
Photo from the parade of winter customs from Botosani.
Impressive parade of winter customs that takes place every year in the municipality of Botosani.
Member of a group of masked wishers. Parade of Christmas season customs.
Band of masks participating in the traditional winter festive season customs festival in Botosani.
Masked photo. Parade of winter customs and traditions.
Căiuţii (small horses), one of the traditional Christmas and New Year customs. Parade of Romanian traditions December 2019 Botosani.
Parade and shows of winter traditions and customs.
Parade of traditions and customs December 2019 Botosani.
The masked band during the parade of Traditional festive customs on the streets of Botosani.

Photo taken date: December 2017
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO
Author: Cristian Atudoroae.